Arthur Zorn

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Arthur Zorn
Origin Montpelier, Vermont
Instruments Vocal, Piano

Arthur Zorn is a musician and artist from Montpelier, Vermont. Zorn is a composer of vocal and piano music. His major pieces, "January 25th, 1945" (about the liberation of Auschwitz) and "Garden Sketches" (a suite for piano) have been performed all around New England. Currently, Zorn resides in Montpelier, Vermont and teaches vocal music at Spaulding High School.

In addition to being a musician, Zorn has received praise from all around the United States and Canada for his impressionist and abstract artwork. In July 2007, Zorn's newest artwork will be featured in the third installment of the Bundy Gallery's powerful series based on Zorn's creations; the third installment will be called "Zorn 3."

Arthur Zorn has won several awards for his teaching: he was elected Spaulding High School Teacher of the Year in 1994, and also won the Jaycee Outstanding Young Educator earlier in his career. Zorn has been a finalist in the Vermont State Teacher of the Year.[1]


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