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Founded in 2009, Artifice Magazine is a nonprofit literary magazine based in Chicago, Illinois which showcases fiction, non-fiction and poetry that is "aware of its own artifice." Its founding editor and editor-in-chief is James Tadd Adcox. The goal of the publication is to trace the postmodern literary movement which originated in the 1960s and is influencing literary work today.[1] The magazine is published biannually.[2]

In 2011 Artifice Magazine was awarded a City of Chicago Community Arts Assistance Program (CAAP) Grant. In 2010, the magazine was awarded the Best Submission Guidelines by Philistine Press[3] for the Artifice wishlist,"[4] which requests such submissions as "3 of the saddest sentences ever written," "1 geometrical proof," "2 fits, 2 starts," "4 labyrinths created using parentheses, footnotes, endnotes, etc," and "something that includes a Greek chorus."

The magazine is a member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Small Presses.

Artifice Magazine is a division of Artifice Books, a small press. Artifice Books' first project, released in 2012, was "EXITS ARE,"[5] an e-book by Mike Meginnis (and many players), published in conjunction with Uncanny Valley.[6]


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