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Artillery Brigade
Colour of the Artillery Brigade
Active 26 May 1794–1811: Finska artilleriregementet (Finnish Artillery Regiment) Swedish Army
1918–1952: Kenttätykistörykmentti 1 (Field Artillery Regiment 1)
1952–1956: Kenttätykistörykmentti 2
1957–1992: Satakunnan tykistörykmentti (Satakunta Artillery Regiment, SatTR)
1992-2014: Tykistöprikaati (Artillery Brigade)
Country  Finland
Branch Finnish Army seal Finnish Army
Type Field artillery

400 career personnel

1,100 conscripts[1]
Garrison Niinisalo, Kankaanpää
March "Tykistöprikaatin kunniamarssi"
Main training equipment D-30, 155 K 98, 155 K 83, MLRS
Decorations Order of the Cross of Liberty
Battle honours Civil War of Finland
Winter War
Continuation War

The Artillery Brigade (Finnish: Tykistöprikaati) was a Finnish Army unit situated in Niinisalo, in Western Finland. The Artillery Brigade trained conscripts and regular personnel for war-time artillery duties. In addition, it provided weather service in the Niinisalo region, and trained most of the Finnish Defence Forces' dogs. The total strength of the brigade wss some 800 conscripts and 400 regular civilian and military personnel. On 1st January 2015, the Brigade was merged with Pori Brigade.

The Artillery Brigade consisted in 2001-2013 of the Satakunta Artillery Regiment, the Reconnaissance Battalion, the Artillery School, and the Satakunta Military Band. Every year, some 1,600 conscripts were trained by the brigade. The Satakunta Artillery Regiment fielded two cannon batteries, with equipment ranging from 122 mm light howitzers to 155 mm cannons and a support battery consisting entirely out of communications personnel and spotters. The Regiment continues as a paet of Pori Brigade.

The Reconnaissance Battalion fielded a heavy rocket launcher battery, a UAV battery, a Headquarters Battery as well as a UAV Reconnaissance Battery. The conscripts participated in several live-fire exercises in the nearby firing range at Pohjankangas, before the two- or three-week-long national live-fire artillery exercise held once a year in Rovajärvi firing range in Lapland. In 2013, as a preliminary of the merger with Pori Brigade, the 3rd Infantry Company was established as a part of the Reconnaisance Battallion. In 2015, the Reconnaissance Battallion was disbanded and its functions divided between Finland Proper Logistics Battallion, Satakunta Artillery Regiment and Ostrobothnia Jaeger Battallion.

The Artillery School, which was a part of the Artillery Brigade, provided University-level education for future artillery officers and continuing education for artillery regular personnel. The same function continues, but the School is now part of the Army Academy.


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