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Artin may refer to

  • A Persian given name deriving from the name of the seventh king of the Median Empire; see Artin (name)
  • A variant of Harutyun (given name), a given Armenian name
  • Artin, a Chinese manufacturer of 1/64, 1/43, and 1/32 scale slot cars and track
  • 15378 Artin, a main-belt asteroid discovered on August 7, 1997 by P. G. Comba at Prescott


Related to the work of Emil Artin
  • Artin group (or generalized braid group), in mathematics, a group with a presentation
  • Artin algebra, an algebra Λ over a commutative Artin ring R that is a finitely generated R-module
  • Artin billiard, in mathematics and physics, a type of a dynamical billiard first studied by Emil Artin in 1924
  • Artin conductor, a number or ideal associated to a character of a Galois group of a local or global field, introduced by Emil Artin as an expression appearing in the functional equation of an Artin L-function.
  • Artin's conjecture on primitive roots, in numbers theory, a given integer a which is not a perfect square and not −1 is a primitive root modulo infinitely many primes p
  • Artin L-function, a type of Dirichlet series associated to a linear representation ρ of a Galois group G introduced in the 1923 by Emil Artin, in connection with his research into class field theory.
  • Artin reciprocity law, established by Emil Artin, a general theorem in number theory that forms a central part of global class field theory
  • Artin–Hasse exponential, in mathematics, a power series named after Emil Artin and Helmut Hasse
  • Artin–Rees lemma, a basic result about modules over a Noetherian ring, along with results such as the Hilbert basis theorem
  • Artin–Schreier theory, in mathematics, a branch of Galois theory, and more specifically is a positive characteristic analogue of Kummer theory, for Galois extensions of degree equal to the characteristic p
  • Artin–Wedderburn theorem, in abstract algebra, a classification theorem for semisimple rings and semisimple algebras.
  • Artin–Zorn theorem, stating that any finite alternative division ring is necessarily a finite field, named after Emil Artin and Max Zorn
Related to the work of Michael Artin
  • Artin approximation theorem, deformation theory which implies that formal power series with coefficients in a field k are well-approximated by the algebraic functions on k. Theorem as a fundamental result of Michael Artin (1969)
  • Artin–Mazur zeta function, named after Michael Artin and Barry Mazur, a tool for studying the iterated functions that occur in dynamical systems and fractals