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Arunabha Sengupta (born 1973) is an Indian novelist. He has written 4 novels and one collection of short stories. He is also a cricket historian and the Chief Cricket Writer at[1]


  • Labyrinth - a novel about the Software Industry (iUniverse, Inc. June 5, 2006) ISBN 0-595-39697-6 (First published by Writers Workshop India [1])

"True picture of the Indian workplace" - Book Review India, vol 30 No 7 July 6[2]

  • Bowled Over - Stories Between the Covers[2]

Both listed in the Journal of Commonwealth Literature[3]

- a novel combining the worlds of Software, Love and Aikido and set against the backdrop of 9/11. (The author himself is a first dan black belt in Kobayashi Aikido.)

- A novel set in Amsterdam, dealing with, among others, the travels and travails of a struggling writer in the murky publishing world. ForeWord Reviews[7] rated the novel 5 stars.

- A Sherlock Holmes pastiche involving the legendary fictional detective in the backdrop of the epochal 1882 Test match at The Oval. This was shortlisted for the Cricket Society and MCC Book of the Year Award in 2016. [9] This was republished by Max Books in 2016 [10]

  • His writing also appears alongside luminaries like Khushwant Singh and Pritish Nandy in Lessons on Lessons - a collection of essays on the insights gained from the biographical work Lessons by P. Lal


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