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Arvid Wam Solvang (born July 14, 1969) is a Norwegian songwriter/producer living in Oslo, Norway.


Arvid Wam Solvang was born July 14, 1969 in Kopervik, Karmøy - Norway. After touring Norway for years as a guitarist with a range of different bands, he started a music production company called Viagram. Solvang is known for his work with Maria Mena where he has co-written most of her songs, and produced her first three albums. He has also co-written and produced the first albums for Norwegian artist Christel Alsos.

Solvang is signed to EMI music publishing.[1] He is currently a board member at The Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists (NOPA), and he is in the election committee for The organization for Norwegian artists and professional musicians (GRAMART).



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