Arwut Lab (Secret Weapons)

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Arwut Lab (Secret Weapons)
Studio album by Christina Aguilar
Released February 28, 1992 (Thailand)
Label GMM Grammy
Producer Chatree Kongsuwan
Christina Aguilar chronology
Arwut Lab (Secret Weapons)
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Arwut Lab (Secret Weapons) is the second studio album of Christina Aguilar - a very popular Thai artist. The album was released 2 years after her debut album. It breaks the stereotype that the second album of any artist always unsuccessful - the album was successful like the first. It was only well known in Thailand, the album hit Japan. Music video Jing Mai Klua (Don't Mention the Truth) won MTV Asian Viewers Choice Award in 1992. That was the second time a Thai artist did it. The album nearly reached 1,000,000 copies sold.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Jing Mai Klua (Not Fear the Truth)
  2. Mai Yak Ja Cheua Lei (Don't Wanna Believe)
  3. Panha Lok Tak (Endless Question)
  4. Wela Mai Chuai Arai (Time Doesn't Help)
  5. Rak Tong Mee Anakhot (Love Need Future)
  6. Khob Khun (Thanks)
  7. Sia Jai Sia Form (?)
  8. Sak Wan Nueng (One Day)
  9. Tham Mai Long (Can't Do It)
  10. Ya Hai Tueng Wan Nan Lei (Don't wanna Reach That Day)
  11. Khor Hai Chok Dee(Good Luck)
  12. Khob Khun Eek Khung (Thanks Again)