Ary Abramovich Sternfeld

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Ary Sternfeld
Ary Sternfeld (1905 - 1980).JPG
Born (1905-05-14)May 14, 1905
Died July 5, 1980(1980-07-05) (aged 75)
Moscow, USSR
Nationality Polish
Alma mater Nancy-Université
Occupation rocket engineer and designer
Spouse(s) Gustava Erlich

Ary Sternfeld (* 14 May 1905, Sieradz in Poland, then in Kalisz Governorate of Russian Empire – † 5 July 1980, Moscow, Russia) was co-creator of the modern aerospace science. He was a Jewish engineer of Polish origin, who got his education in Poland and France. From 1935 until his death he worked in Moscow.

He was the first person to describe the bi-elliptic transfer technique of changing orbits, in 1934.[1]

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