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Asbestos Records
Founded1996 (1996)
FounderMatt Flood
Dave Leone
GenreSka, punk
Country of originUS

Asbestos Records is an American independent record label in Stratford, Connecticut, United States, founded in 1996 by Matt Flood. It was started as a vehicle to release albums and compilations for local bands, and to book DIY shows at the Newtown Teen Center.

Over the next eight years, Asbestos Records released albums from notable CT bands, such as: Slackjaw, Grover Dill, and West Beverly, whose members went on to join bands such as Dropkick Murphys, In Pieces, Staring Back, and Punchline.

The label was also home of the first four album covers by cult Artist Rob Dobi, known for his parody send up of emo fashion How to Dress Emo and his clothing company Full Bleed.

In 2007 the label began a project to reissue popular 3rd Wave Ska albums from defunct labels. This series of reissues included by artists including:

and many more.

In a joint effort between Asbestos Records, Chicago, IL's Underground Communiqué Records and Ska Is Dead, the three started a Ska Is Dead 7" Subscription Series made up of six split 7" records. Each 7" featured two currently active ska bands. Series 1 has been completely released with Series 2 on the way.[1]

The label has also been involved in reissuing the portion of They Might Be Giants' discography that was originally released on Elektra Records.

The Asbestos Records website previously hosted a message board for music fans from the southern New England area, which is now defunct.

Current artists[edit]


Other releases[edit]

  • 2002 Sampler
  • 2003 Warped Tour Sampler
  • 2003 Asbestos/Orange Peal Records Sampler
  • More Bang for your Buck 2004 Sampler
  • More Bang for your Buck II 2005 Sampler
  • More Bang for your Buck III 2006 Sampler
  • More Bang for your Buck IV 2007 Sampler
  • More Bang for your Buck V 2008 Sampler


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