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OriginSan Jose, California, U.S.
GenresDoom metal, sludge metal
Years active1989-1990
LabelsProfane Existence
Southern Lord Records
Associated actsSleep, High on Fire, Noothgrush, The Sabians, Om, It Is I, Operator Gernerator
MembersAl Cisneros
Chris Hakius
Tom Choi
Matt Pike

Asbestosdeath was an American doom metal band from San Jose, California, the precursor to the highly influential band Sleep.


Asbestosdeath started life as trio consisting of Al Cisneros on bass, Chris Hakius on drums, and Tom Choi on guitar.[1] Matt Pike later joined as a second guitarist. They recorded two 7"s: their first ("Unclean", 1990) was self-released (Asbestos Records) and a second 7" ("Dejection," 1990) was released later that year by Profane Existence.[2][3] Choi left Asbestosdeath to form Noothgrush after the release of the second 7".[4] The band recruited Justin Marler to replace Choi and changed their name to Sleep.[4][5]

In 2007, Southern Lord Records reissued Asbestosdeath's two 7"s on CD and 10" vinyl.[6] The four songs on the album comprise the entirety of Asbestosdeath's recordings.[7][8]




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