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The Aschaff in Aschaffenburg
Location Bavaria  Germany
Reference no. DE: 24754
Basin features
Main source Confluence of Autenbach and Kleinaschaff in Waldaschaff
49°58′25″N 9°18′33″E / 49.973560°N 9.309116°E / 49.973560; 9.309116Coordinates: 49°58′25″N 9°18′33″E / 49.973560°N 9.309116°E / 49.973560; 9.309116
River mouth near Mainaschaff in the Main
49°58′28″N 9°06′18″E / 49.974526°N 9.104887°E / 49.974526; 9.104887
Progression Main → Rhine → North Sea
River system Rhine
Basin size 167.88 km² [1]
Physical characteristics
Length 16.98 km (with Kleinaschaff 21,35 km)[2]
  • Location:
  • Average rate:
    1.35 m³/s

The Aschaff is a river in the northern Spessart in Bavaria, Germany.

It is a right tributary of the Main and is 21,4 km (13,3 mi) long. It begins at the confluence of Autenbach and Kleinaschaff ("little Aschaff") in Waldaschaff. Loosely translated the name Aschaff means Eschenwasser. The largest tributary is the Laufach. The river flows mostly parallel to the Bundesautobahn 3 (Motorway). For the construction of the noise barrier there, the river bed was moved and straightened.

Now the Aschaff flows in the city of Aschaffenburg. It flows through the districts Damm and Strietwald. In Mainaschaff near the city limits of Aschaffenburg the Aschaff empties into the Main.


Tributaries from source to mouth: