Ashdod Ad Halom Railway Station

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Ashdod Ad Halom
תחנת אשדוד עד הלום
Israel Railways
Bahn ashdod090.jpg
Location Menahem Begin Blvd., Ashdod
Coordinates 31°46′26″N 34°39′57″E / 31.77389°N 34.66583°E / 31.77389; 34.66583Coordinates: 31°46′26″N 34°39′57″E / 31.77389°N 34.66583°E / 31.77389; 34.66583
Platforms 3
Parking 300 spaces
Bicycle facilities 40 spaces
Disabled access Yes
Opened 1917
Rebuilt 1995, 2003
Binyamina/Netanya - Rehovot/Ashkelon suburban line
Caesarea-Pardes Hanna
Hadera Ma'arav
Netanya Sapir
Beit Yehoshua
to Hod Hasharon, Lod
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv Savidor Central
Tel Aviv HaShalom
Tel Aviv HaHagana
to Rishon LeZion Moshe Dayan
to Ben Gurion Airport, Modi'in
Kfar Chabad
to Be'er Sheva, Jerusalem
Be'er Ya'akov
to Rishon LeZion HaRishonim
Yavne East
to Yavne West
Ashdod Ad Halom


Ashdod Ad Halom Railway Station (Hebrew: אשדוד עד הלום) (also known as Ashdod Darom) is a railway station in Ashdod, Israel. It is served by the BinyaminaTel AvivAshkelon and the Hod HaSharon–Tel Aviv–Ashkelon–Beersheba suburban lines. Ashdod Ad Halom Station was opened in June 1995 and was fully rebuilt in 2003. Between 1917 and 1947, a small station serving the town of Isdud had also operated at the site, constructed by the British on the RafahGazaLydda line.

The station is located in the Ad Halom area near the eastern entrance to the city of Ashdod. Two bus lines serve the station, one traveling through the 'city' to the central bus station and on to the terminus at Ashdod Marina. In September 2013, it served a daily average of 6,873 passengers.

Until 2013 the travel time from the station to Tel Aviv was 45 minutes. However, since the completion of the new railway through Holon and the new Yavne West Railway Station on 4 August 2013 the travel time from Tel Aviv to the station has been reduced to approximately 35 minutes in each direction. A further reduction in travel time is expected in the future following the planned electrification of the railways serving the station.

The station contains a small beverage and refreshment kiosk.


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