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"Aseel" redirects here. For the statistical term, see ASEEL.

The word "Aseel'" Is an Arabic Name and adjective that means: Original, Authentic, Genuine, Pure, Origin, Root, Unique.

The word "asil" is Arabic in origin and means "pure", noble, or of long pedigree (as in purebred). It is used in several different contexts:

  • Arabian horses who have pedigrees that can be traced in every line to identifiable desert-bred horses from the Middle East. The term "Asil Arabian" is commonly used in Europe. Horses of similar bloodlines are sometimes referred to as Al Khamsa in the United States.
  • Asile
  • Asil or Aseel also refers to a person of Arabian descent who has a long ancestral chart. Normally Arabs in the Gulf States use it to make a distinction between themselves and other Arabs or Muslims who settled in their countries during the 20th century, or don't belong to one of the old and often noble families. Fe. like the al-Khalifa, al-Maktoum or the House of Saud.
  • Asil, a breed of chicken
  • Asil Nadir, former CEO of Polly Peck

"ASIL" is an acronym for: