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Asim Ghosh
Born (1947-12-07) December 7, 1947 (age 68)
New Delhi, India
Known for President and CEO of Husky Energy and Indian mobile telecommunications pioneer

Asim Ghosh is the President and CEO of Husky Energy Inc., one of Canada’s largest integrated energy companies, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Husky produced an average of 340,000 barrels (54,000 m3) of oil equivalent per day in 2014.[1]

Ghosh was born on December 7, 1947, in New Delhi, India. He has taken on senior leadership roles in Canada, India and Hong Kong at a number of multinational corporations, including Rothmans International, Pepsi Foods, and Hutchison Whampoa.[2]

Ghosh is married to Sanjukta Ghosh, with whom he has two children. He is the son of Amalananda Ghosh, a respected Indian archaeologist who served as Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India from 1953 to 1968, and Sudha Ghosh.[3]


Ghosh graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi in 1969 with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Ghosh received his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1970.[4]


Ghosh began his career with Procter & Gamble (Canada) in 1971. He joined Rothmans International in 1980, eventually becoming the Senior Vice President with the subsidiary Carling O'Keefe, which is one of Canada’s largest breweries. In 1989, Ghosh became founding co-CEO of Pepsi Foods (India) and was tasked with setting up food operations in the country. He moved to Hong Kong in 1991 in order to set up a consumer goods joint venture between Pepsi and Hutchison Whampoa. Shortly thereafter, he became the CEO of AS Watson Industries, a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa (1991–1998).[4]

In 1998, Ghosh took the role of leading Hutchison Whampoa’s telecommunications joint venture in India, where he served as the Managing Director and CEO of Hutchison Essar Ltd. Ghosh served in the role until announcing his retirement in March 2009. During his tenure, the company grew from a one-city operation to become the country’s second-largest mobile phone provider, with more than 63 million subscribers.[2] In 2007, he presided over the sale of Hutchison Whampoa’s stake in the company to Vodafone in a deal that valued the business at approximately $19 billion. At the time, the sale was the biggest corporate takeover in India's history[5] and, according to a Thomson Reuters [6] analysis, the largest all-cash transaction in Asia up to 2007, with Vodafone agreeing to pay $11.1 billion in cash for Hutchison Whampoa’s stake.[7]

In June 2010, Ghosh became President and CEO of Husky Energy.[8]


Ghosh sits on the Board of the Business Council of Canada, former Chairman of the National Telecom Committee of the Confederation of Indian Industry, former Chairman of the Cellular Operators Association of India[4] and a distinguished alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.[9]


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