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Mohammed Aslam Ahsan Chaudhary (Urdu: محمد اسلم احسن چوہدری‎; born March 15, 1942) is a Pakistani Norwegian politician for the Labour Party.

Born in Punjab, British India, he migrated to Sweden in May 1971 and to Oslo, Norway in August the same year. He took a job in the industry, and became active in his trade union. He eventually became involved in local politics, and was elected to serve in Lørenskog municipal council in 1983,[1] as one of the first Asian immigrants to Norway.

He has also been a member of Norway's Contact Committee for Immigrants and the Authorities.[2] He has become known nationwide as a debater in the public sphere, and won the Fritt Ord Award for freedom of expression in 2002.[1] In 2009 he was awarded the HM The King's Medal of Merit in Gold.[3]


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Preceded by
Nils Christie
Recipient of the Fritt Ord Award
(shared with Shabana Rehman)
Succeeded by
Berge Furre