Aspen (Botkyrka Municipality)

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Aspen 1.jpg
Aspen Lake Botkyrka Municipality.png
Location in relation to Stockholm
Coordinates 59°13′18″N 17°48′33″E / 59.22167°N 17.80917°E / 59.22167; 17.80917Coordinates: 59°13′18″N 17°48′33″E / 59.22167°N 17.80917°E / 59.22167; 17.80917
Catchment area 7.97 km2 (3.08 sq mi)
Basin countries Sweden
Max. length 3.5 km (2.2 mi)
Max. width 950 m (3,120 ft)
Surface area 1,847 km2 (713 sq mi)
Max. depth 3.5 m (11 ft)
Shore length1 11.95 km (7.43 mi)
Surface elevation 18 m (59 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Aspen is a lake of Botkyrka Municipality, Södermanland, Sweden.[1] The lake is crossed by the European route E4/European route E20 and is located about 20 kilometres southwest of Stockholm, the Swedish capital. It has an area of 1,847 km².[citation needed]

During the Stone Age, Aspen was in the ocean, but was uplifted by the time of the Bronze Age. Bronze Age settlements grew up around the lake and for some thousand years Iron Age farms were around the lake. The area developed during this period.[2] A graveyard from that period is preserved in the area.

Skrävsta Ekholmen nature reserve is in the vicinity of the lake with about sixty large oak trees, half of which are centuries old. There are large bats and many other rare animal and plant species. Around the lake is a nature trail at 7½ km length. The path leads through the woods, high above the marsh.



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