Asrar al-Tawhid

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Asrar al-Tawhid fi Maghamat al-Sheikh Abusa'id (Arabic: اسرار التوحید فی مقامات ابو سعید‎‎, "The Mysteries of Unification") is a work of 12th century Persian literature about the Sufi mystic Abū-Sa'īd Abul-Khayr.

Thought to be written by Muhammad ibn Monavvar, one of Abul-Khayr's grandsons, 130 years after his death, it is also considered a landmark work of Sufi literature as well as one of the most outstanding Persian prose works of the 12th century.

A copy of this book has been derived from a scattered hand-written pages stored in a book in a Russian library and discovered by Valentin Zhukovsky in 1899. Zhukovsky found 2 different copies of the same book, and published the first copy adding the second copy's differences on the side (as side notes or subscripts).

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