Association des Écrivains et Artistes Révolutionnaires

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The Association des Écrivains et Artistes Révolutionnaires (AEAR) was a French association of revolutionary artists and writers active between 1932 and 1939.

An association of the same name was formed in 2006.

The AEAR was founded by communist and communist-sympathizing writers in March 1932 as the French section of the International Union of Revolutionary Writers, established by the Comintern in the Soviet Union in 1930. Leading figures included Paul Vaillant-Couturier, Léon Moussinac, Charles Vildrac and Francis Jourdain.

The members of the AEAR mobilized against war and fascism. Together with the Fédération Musicale Populaire (FMP), the organization played a key role in introducing Soviet music to France. Among other activities, the AEAR published the journal Commune.[1]

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