Association for Vertical Farming

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Association for Vertical Farming
FoundedJuly 2013 by Max Lössl, Philipp Wagner, Christine Zimmermann-Lössl, Jasper den Besten, Mick de Kok, Nick Hogervorst, Susanna Lössl, Ernst Lössl, Marius von Pawel in Munich, Germany
HeadquartersMunich, Germany
  • Global

The Association For Vertical Farming e.V. (AVF) is an internationally active nonprofit organization fostering the sustainable growth of the vertical farming industry through education and collaboration. The AVF focusses on advancing Urban and Vertical Farming technologies, designs and businesses.[2]

The AVF was founded in Munich, Germany on July 18, 2013 and started out by gathering data to map out the urban farms all over the world and by developing a glossary to bring consistency to the industry while making the complex growing methods easier to understand for newcomers to the vertical farming space.[3]

The AVF hosts summits,[4] workshops,[5] and infodays and collaborates with other organizations around the world.[6]


Date Event
2016, June 13 Second AVF Summit Amsterdam, The Netherlands [7]
2015, May 9–10 First AVF Summit Beijing [8]
2014, December 5–6 First Collaborative Design workshop in New York City [9]
2014 September First Vertical Farming Glossary was released publicly
2014, July 8 First Vertical Farming infoday in Munich, Germany [10]
2014 March AVF launched a new website with an interactive online map displaying over 150 Vertical and Urban Farming locations
2013 July 18 Foundation of the AVF in Munich, Germany


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