Asthma Society of Canada

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Asthma Society of Canada
Abbreviation ASC
Type Charity
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 43°45′54″N 79°24′42″W / 43.76500°N 79.41167°W / 43.76500; -79.41167
Region served
President & CEO
Dr. Rob Oliphant
Main organ
Board of Directors

The Asthma Society of Canada (ASC) is a non profit charity dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and health for people living with asthma and associated allergies through education and research. The vision of the ASC is to empower every child and adult with asthma in Canada to live an active and symptom-free life. The ASC represents over three million Canadians living with asthma, and also provides resources for people suffering from allergy and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Asthma information[edit]

The ASC maintains five websites for asthma education,,[1],[2],[3],[4] and[5] In partnership with McMaster University and AllerGen, the ASC has developed a self-guided E-learning module for asthma at "Taking Control of Your Asthma"[6] The ASC provides a toll-free phone line for access to Certified Asthma Educators, and the ASC distributes information at community centres, health fairs and other public events.

National Asthma Patient Alliance[edit]

The National Asthma Patient Alliance (NAPA) was founded in 2008 in Hamilton, Ontario. It is directed by a group of patient volunteers representing each province and territory in Canada. The goals of NAPA are to increase patient awareness about how to achieve optimal asthma control, address communication and advocacy needs of asthma patients, and build a network of patient volunteers dedicated to improving asthma care and education.

NAPA developed the Asthma Patient Bill of Rights,[7] and participates in advocacy campaigns that affect Canadians with asthma.

Other programs[edit]

The ASC is the official Canadian partner of the Asthma and Allergy Friendly certification program, which tests and certifies household products on a pass/fail basis for allergen reduction. Team Asthma is a brand which promotes asthma awareness and healthy lifestyles through participation in running races, triathlons, and other athletic competitions. Anyone with a connection to asthma is encouraged to join Team Asthma and wear the clothing during competitions.

The ASC runs the Asthma Ambassadors program,[8] which allows interested Canadians an opportunity to volunteer spreading asthma information in their communities. This is done through peer-to-peer support, providing education packages to their friends, and placing them in visible community locations.

The ASC has made itself available for consultation on public health matters, including cats on airlines, an issue for highly allergic persons.[9]


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