Astro: An Urban Fable in a Magical Rio de Janeiro

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Astro: An Urban Fable in a Magical Rio de Janeiro
Directed by Paula Trabulsi
Produced by Paula Trabulsi
Written by Jeffis Carvalho
Malu Tavares
Starring Alexandra Dahlström
Verônica Debom
Regina Duarte
Odilon Wagner
Cláudio Cavalcanti
Gabi Brites
Edited by Marcio Canella
Bossa Nova Films
Distributed by Elo Company
Release date
  • November 2, 2012 (2012-11-02)
Running time
85 minutes
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese

Astro: An Urban Fable in a Magical Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese: Astro, Uma Fábula Urbana em um Rio de Janeiro Mágico) is a 2012 Brazilian adventure-drama film directed by Paula Trabulsi.

The film is part of a project that involves visual art, street culture, cuisine and urban interventions.[1]


Daughter of a Brazilian mother and Swedish father, Astro leaves her life in Sweden to visit Rio de Janeiro. She travels to the city to get a house that she had inherited, but ends up getting longer than expected. Eventually, she ends up meeting Alice and her group of friends, starting to interact more with the city.[2]


  • "Rain-Bow" - AlbiNOI
  • "Off Pictures" - AlbiNOI
  • "Broken Monitors" - Bernhard Fleischmann
  • "Corra e Olhe o Céu" - Cartola
  • "Haps" - Duo 505
  • "Our Thing" - Evan Voytas
  • "I Have a Dream in my Heart" - Evan Voytas
  • "Aether" - Hildur Guðnadóttir
  • "Ascent" - Hildur Guðnadóttir
  • "Gunnera" - Isan
  • "Channel Ten" - Isan
  • "One More Year" - Channel Ten
  • "Pianosong Two" - Channel Ten
  • "A. Klingtmann" - Channel Ten
  • "Plokk" - Channel Ten
  • "Flock" - Channel Ten
  • "Bit My Leg Off" - Tsukimono
  • "Sofi is Sad" - Tsukimono


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