Astro Fang: Super Machine

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Astro Fang: Super Machine
Astro Fang Super Machine JP box art.jpg
Japanese box art
Developer(s) Soft Machine[1]
Publisher(s) A-Wave[2]
Composer(s) Akira Nakakuma[3]
Platform(s) Family Computer[2]
  • JP: October 26, 1990[2]
Genre(s) Driving involving vehicular combat[2]
Mode(s) Single-player

Astro Fang: Super Machine (アストロ・ファング, Asutoro Fangu)[4] is a Family Computer video game that was released for an exclusively Japanese market in 1990.


Somewhere in the galaxy lies the planet RS-121 – a desolate planet that has suffered terrible disasters which made life impossible.[5]

Only one construction still remains on the planet – a highway called the Black Line.[5] It is said than an ancient legend is somehow connected to this highway.[5] Players must knock enemies off the road by using missiles before they can knock him off the same highway.[5] Automobile repair shops can be found where cars can be repaired and re-supplied with much-needed weapons.[5] The playable vehicle resembles a 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 while the unplayable enemy vehicles resemble dune buggies.[6][7]

The game has an infinite amount of continues and a meter appears on the bottom left-hand side of the screen to remind how close the player is to achieving the goal.[8]


Video Game Den gave Astro Fang: Super Machine a rating of 3 stars out of a possible 5 in their December 14, 2011 review.


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