At Mrs. Lippincote's

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First edition (publ. Knopf)

At Mrs. Lippincote's is a 1945 novel by Elizabeth Taylor.

Julia and her husband, Roddy, along with their young son, Oliver, and Roddy's cousin, Eleanor, are temporarily living at Mrs. Lippincote's, a house filled with old mahogany furniture and other reminders of earlier wealth. Julia and the others have joined Roddy, who is an officer in the Royal Air Force.

She must be mother and, above all, an officer's wife. Roddy, a 'leader of men,' requires that she fulfill her role impeccably. Julia accepts the pompousness of service life, but her honesty and sense of humour prevent her from taking her role too seriously.

In her easygoing friendship with the Wing Commander and her allegiance with the raffish Mr. Taylor, Julia expresses a sensitivity unknown to those closest to her. Others may chafe at her behaviour, but it is they who are practicing hypocrisy–not Julia.

At Mrs. Lippincote's was published again in 1988 by Virago Press, containing an autobiographical sketch of the author.

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