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Atach Tatuq is a Canadian hip hop group from Montreal, consisting of musicians DJ Naes, Egypto, 1-2 d'Piq, L'Intrus, Virus, Dee, Khyro, R.U., Casco, Arnak and Haikai.

Originally known as Traumaturges,[1] the group was formed in 1998 by Rass, Égypto, L’Intrus, Khyro et DJ Naes, and evolved into Atach Tatuq in 2001 when the remaining musicians joined the collective.[2]

Their album Deluxxx won the Félix Award for Hip Hop Album of the Year in 2006.[3]


  • Suce mon index (2000, as Traumaturges)
  • La guerre des Tuqs (2002)
  • Deluxxx (2005)


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