Atago Shrine (Kyoto)

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Atago Jinja
Torii Atago-shrine Kyoto.JPG
Torii leading to Atago Jinja in Kyoto
Atago Shrine (Kyoto) is located in Japan
Atago Shrine (Kyoto)
Shown within Japan
Basic information
LocationAtago-chō, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Geographic coordinates35°3′36″N 135°38′4″E / 35.06000°N 135.63444°E / 35.06000; 135.63444
DeityAtago Gongen
FestivalSen-nichi Tsuyasai (July 31)
TypeAtago shrine
Architectural description
FounderEn no Ozunu, Taichō
Date established701 - 704
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Atago Shrine (愛宕神社, Atago-jinja) is a Shinto shrine on Mount Atago, the northwest of Kyoto, Japan. Enshrined is Atago Gongen who protects Kyoto from fire.[1] Shugendō practices and a place for worship are known from the eighth century.[2] The late-Kamakura period Honden has been designated an Important Cultural Property.[3] (Actually, the late-Kamakura period Honden is located at another Atago-jinja in Kameoka, to the northwest of Kyoto : 35°2′28″N 135°35′13″E / 35.04111°N 135.58694°E / 35.04111; 135.58694[1]) Atago Jinja is the head of nine hundred Atago shrines throughout Japan.[2]


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Coordinates: 35°03′36″N 135°38′04″E / 35.06000°N 135.63444°E / 35.06000; 135.63444