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The Athens Conservancy is a 501 (c) (3) land trust based in Athens County, Ohio. It was founded in 2003. It owns and manages four nature preserves in Athens County:

Rock exposure on the Baker Tract

In addition, the Conservancy holds a conservation and trail access easement on the 264-acre (107 ha) Baker Tract, near Strouds Run State Park, which features hiking, bicycling, and horse trails open to the public. This easement was purchased using Clean Ohio Conservation Fund moneys. The Conservancy is also working on acquiring land for a trail-head area for the Moonville Rail-Trail, and has acquired additional right-of-way from the former B&O Railroad to expand rail-trail options in the area, using Clean Ohio moneys.[4]

One of the Conservancy's greatest successes to date was the establishment of the Riddle State Nature Preserve, which contains Hawk Woods, one of the most significant old-growth forests in Ohio,[5] again using Clean Ohio moneys. The preserve is owned by the city of Athens, Ohio and is dedicated as a state nature preserve, but the Athens Conservancy initiated and coordinated the project, and raised $40,000 in public contributions plus $50,000 from the Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves.

The Conservancy operates the Southeast Ohio Mapping Center on-line (see at the website, below) as a public service. The Conservancy also offers a backpacking campsite on the Blair Preserve.[6] This campsite was created using funds from the Athens Foundation.

Several private conservation easements have also been negotiated with the Conservancy, in order to enhance private property holders' future management of their lands.


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