Athens Skate Park

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The Athens Skate Park

The Athens Skate Park is, as the name states, a skatepark located in Athens, Ohio. The park was at one time the only skatepark in the world to feature a capsule (a full pipe connected to a cradle). The park was built by Grindline Skateparks in 2003 and is the second-largest concrete skatepark in Ohio behind the Kettering street Plaza.

The park features both cement and concrete coping. It has ramps of all sizes and many unique spots. The park is a work in progress. Nearly every year at least one new object is built in or onto the park. During the summer of 2005 a stage was built and with the insertion of electricity in January 2006 bands can play the stage and events can proceed with ease.

The skatepark is located 40 minutes from the Skatopia in Rutland, Ohio.

Coordinates: 39°20′08″N 82°04′33″W / 39.3356°N 82.0758°W / 39.3356; -82.0758