Attack of the Helping Hand

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Attack of the Helping Hand
Directed by Scott Spiegel
Produced by Scott Spiegel
Written by Scott Spiegel
Starring Linda Quiroz
Sam Raimi
Cinematography Bruce Campbell
Sam Raimi
Bruce Campbell
Distributed by The Metropolitan Film Group
Release date
Running time
Six minutes
Language English

Attack of the Helping Hand is a 1979 short film written and directed by Scott Spiegel and starring Linda Quiroz and Sam Raimi. Bruce Campbell played the uncredited roles of The Hamburger Helper Helping Hand and The Pillsbury Doughboy.


Linda Quiroz plays a woman at home who prepares to make "Hamburger Helper". When she sets the box on the counter top and turns away, the Hamburger Helper Helping Hand materializes out of nowhere next to it. It comes to life, talks to her, and tries to strangle her. She tries drowning it in the kitchen sink, which doesn't work; it appears dead for a moment, but then spits the water in her face, runs away and hides. While she searches for it, the Milk Man shows up with a delivery. He touches her on the shoulder, and she mistakes him for the helping hand, then wrestles him to the floor. When he tells her where the hand is hiding, it then proceeds to kill the Milk Man (Sam Raimi) with a kitchen knife in retaliation for "telling on him". The woman resorts to trapping the Hand in a bucket. The Hand screams that it is suffocating, and plays dead. As she searches for a trash bag to dispose of the dead Hand, it escapes. She catches it and puts it through the blender, killing it. She then proceeds to continue preparing her meal, and opens a can of biscuit dough, only to find the Pillsbury Doughboy on her counter top, presumably starting her ordeal all over again.

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