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Attilio Meucci is a statistician and financial engineer, who specializes in quantitative risk management and quantitative portfolio management.

Main results[edit]

Attilio Meucci's innovations include

  • The "Checklist"[1] (10 steps perform quantitative risk and portfolio management across asset management, banking, and insurance);
  • Entropy pooling[2] (a portfolio construction technique for processing fully general types of signals);
  • Factors on demand[3] (on-the-fly factor models for optimal hedging);
  • Effective number of bets[4] (entropy-eigenvalue statistic for diversification management);
  • Flexible probabilities[5] (technique for on-the-fly stress-test and estimation without re-pricing);
  • Copula-marginal algorithm[6] (an algorithm to generate panic copulas for distributional stress-testing);
  • Liquidity conditional convolution[7] (a technique to generate liquidity- and funding-risk adjusted portfolio distribution);
  • Flexible Bayesian networks[8] (a methodology to specify parsimonious causal relationships among risk factors in the market).


Attilio Meucci earned a BA summa cum laude in Physics from the University of Milan, an MA in Economics from Bocconi University, a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Milan and is a CFA chartholder.

Current and past affiliations[edit]

Attilio is the founder of ARPM, under whose umbrella he designed and teaches the six-day Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management Bootcamp (ARPM Bootcamp), and manages the charity One More Reason.[9]

Previously, Attilio was the chief risk officer at KKR; the chief risk officer and head of portfolio construction at Kepos Capital LP.; head of research at Bloomberg LP's portfolio analytics and risk platform; a researcher at POINT, Lehman Brothers' portfolio analytics and risk platform; a trader at the hedge fund Relative Value International; and a consultant at Bain & Co, a strategic consulting firm. Concurrently, he taught at NYU-Courant, Columbia-IEOR, Baruch College-CUNY, and Bocconi University.


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