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Digimarc Corporation
TypePublic company
Russell 2000 Component
FounderGeoff Rhoads
9405 SW Gemini Dr, Beaverton, Oregon
Area served
Key people
Riley McCormack, CEO
Revenuec. US$35 million (2013)[1]
Number of employees

Digimarc Corporation provides enterprise software and services for banking, retail, media, entertainment, publishing and several other industries.[3][4]

Digimarc is best-known for its digital watermarking technologies, part of a global series of more than 1,100 issued and pending patents.[5][6]

Digimarc Barcode is a machine-readable code that the company claims is imperceptible – nearly invisible and inaudible – to people. The company also provides Digimarc Discover software for detecting the information stored in the Digimarc Barcode.[7]


Digimarc was founded by Geoff Rhoads. In 1996, after initial venture funding,[8] Digimarc released its first product: a digital watermarking plug-in bundled with Adobe Photoshop, Corel, and Micrografix.[9]

Digimarc has developed a DRM system used on bank notes of several countries. Developed for the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group, the system embeds various hidden patterns into banknote designs which are detected by code included in several popular image editing programs, including Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.[10] Digimarc's system blocks users from opening images identified as bank notes.

In August 2008, Digimarc completed the sale of its ID card business to rival L-1 Identity Systems.[11] The new Digimarc corporation consists solely of its digital watermarking business and reincorporated as an Oregon company.[12][13] Digimarc sold off the majority of their patents to Intellectual Ventures in 2010 for $36 million, plus a portion of any future patents Digimarc is granted.[14] The licensing deal helped increase revenue and profits the next year, when the company earned $639,000 on revenues of $8.6 million in the third quarter.[15]

In 2010, Digimarc sold the licensing rights to a portion of its patent portfolio to Intellectual Ventures as part of a profit sharing partnership.[16]

In 2012, Digimarc acquired Attributor Corp., a content-protection company specializing in anti-piracy services and management of copyrights for publishing, photography and corporate documents.[17]

The company formed a partnership in 2016 with GS1 US, a barcode standards organization, to promote the adoption of Digimarc Barcode by the group’s membership. Under the arrangement, GS1 uses Digimarc Barcode technology under the DWCode designation. Digimarc began collaborating with GS1 Germany, a regional offshoot, in 2016 to bring the DWCode to German retailers and manufacturers.[18]

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