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This article is about the Seychelles district. For the city in Haiti, see Cap-Haïtien.
Location of Au Cap District on Mahé Island, Seychelles

Au Cap is an administrative district of Seychelles located on the island of Mahé.

Au Cap has a surface area of 875 hectares; it is bordered to the North, by the district of Anse Aux Pins, to the South by the district of Anse Royale, and to the West by the district of Anse Boileau and to the East, by the Indian Ocean. The maximum latitude is 600 meters. There are 12 different sub-districts in Au Cap and they are:

  • Turtle Bay 1 and 2
  • Au Cap
  • Reef Estate 1,3 and 4
  • Reef Estate – Longue Mare
  • Green Estate
  • Anse Aux Pins – Hermit Estate
  • Montagne Posée
  • Pointe Au Sel - Upper Moripa
  • Pointe Au Sel 1 and 2
  • Pointe Au Sel, Sadeco area
  • Au Cap
  • Montagne Posée

While there are numerous secondary roads allowing vehicles circulation within and to and from other neighboring districts, the main recorded connections are the primary roads. Since Au Cap is closed to the west by the mountain range and to the East by the ocean, the easiest access routes are from the North, through Anse Aux Pins and from the south, through Anse Royale. This is called the East Coast Road. However, a third primary road goes through Au Cap, crossing the mountain range and entering Anse Boileau. This is called the Montagne Posée Road.

There are also countless tertiary paths and routes within and to Au Cap from its neighbors.

From a 2002 census, the population then stood at 2648 citizens, with 1343 females and 1305 males. Most of this population lies in the 0-15 years range, with about 30% of the district’s population. On the other end of the scale, the ‘over 60’ range consists of only about 8% of the population. There are more females than males in the district but in two designated categories out of six, the ’15-30’ and the ‘60-75’ categories, males outnumber females by 1 and 22 respectively.

Coordinates: 4°42′S 55°31′E / 4.700°S 55.517°E / -4.700; 55.517