Auckland Chamber of Commerce

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Auckland Chamber of Commerce
Auckland Chamber of Commerce logo.jpg
Founded 1856 [1]
Type Business network
Focus Business advocacy
Area served
Auckland industry
Method Business services, media attention, events and training
Key people
Michael Barnett, Chief Executive Officer [3]
Slogan Business Vitality

The Auckland Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber) is a New Zealand business network representing the interests of businesses in the Auckland region. It is a Non-Governmental Organisation. Founded in 1856, the Chamber is intended to "inspire and influence business vitality".[4] As of 2013, the Chamber claims a membership of 12,000 business owners.


The Chamber was founded in 1856, at a meeting of merchants on 24 January,[5] during a period of economic depression. Active in the 1860s, the Chamber floundered somewhat before an 1869 reorganisation that opened its ranks to a wider variety of merchants, on an annual subscription basis.[5]

Following its inception it focused on issues ranging from remedying trade abuses and obtaining adequate facilities for businesses, to standardization of grain weights and simplifying the customs tariff.[6]

Core Activities[edit]

The Chamber hosts events and training courses. As at 14 May 2013, courses offered included 'Organisational Mentoring', 'Customer Service Skills', 'Accounting for Non-Accountants' and 'Successful Business Communication'.[7]

The Chamber also maintains a media presence predominantly through its Chief Executive Officer, Michael Barnett, who has commented on topics including Auckland Transport,[8] Water Charges,[9] Council Rates [10] and the National Convention Centre.[11]

The Chamber seeks to provide work opportunities to jobseekers through such initiatives as the CadetMax programme, with the New Zealand Ministry of Social Development, and the New Kiwis, with Immigration New Zealand.[12][13][14]

Other Services[edit]

The Chamber offers international services such as documentation and certification, advice and market intelligence, banking and finance, services for inbound trade delegations and letters of introduction.[15][16]

Further services include recruitment,[17] business-to-business (B2B) marketing and events [18] and business resources [19]


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