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Limited liability company
Industry Computer software and Sound Design
Founded Paris, France (2009)
Headquarters Toulouse, France
Products AudioWind, AudioRain, AudioMotors
Number of employees

AudioGaming is a French company developing procedural audio tools dedicated to sound designers and video game developers. It was founded in 2009[1] by Amaury La Burthe.

Audio tools[edit]

Their first VST/RTAS/AU plugins "AudioWind" and "AudioRain" were released in June 2012.[1] The wind sound synthesis plug-in AudioWind was successfully used for ambient sounds in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.[2]

Their next product "AudioMotors", more oriented toward re-recording engineers, is an audio plug-in dedicated to vehicle engine sound synthesis.[3] It can be used in such applications as a car chase soundtrack creation. Also aiming for post-production, another product was announced[4] in April 2013, "AudioSteps". It includes a large footsteps library as well as manipulation tools to ease shaping them to the actual dubbed scene and/or to any sound design choices.

Sound design for video games[edit]

The company also takes part in first-hand video game development: in a partnership with French editor Bulkypix and developer Dogbox, the game Journey to Hell was created and released in March 2013.[5]

In October 2013, the French platform game Type:Rider was released, with its soundtrack entirely designed by AudioGaming.[6]