Auggie Rose

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Auggie Rose
DVD cover using the title Beyond Suspicion
Directed by Matthew Tabak
Produced by Matthew A. Rhodes
Dan Stone
Andrew Stevens
Written by Matthew Tabak
Starring Jeff Goldblum
Anne Heche
Timothy Olyphant
Music by Don Harper
Mark Mancina
Cinematography Adam Kimmel
Edited by Brian Berdan
Distributed by Roxie Releasing
20th Century Fox Home Video
Running time
109 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Auggie Rose, also known as Beyond Suspicion, is a 2001 drama film starring Jeff Goldblum and Anne Heche. It was originally shown on Cinemax and then released on video with the title Beyond Suspicion[1] before a limited theatrical release in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.[2]


Insurance salesman John Nolan witnesses the fatal shooting of Auggie Rose, an ex-convict that Nolan had never met before. Feeling responsible, Nolan finds out everything he can about Auggie Rose and discovers that he had a pen pal named Lucy who is coming to meet him for the first time, unaware of Auggie's death. When he goes to meet her, he pretends to be Auggie, lives in his apartment, and starts a relationship with Lucy.


Originally William H. Macy was going to play John C. Nolan, but he dropped out because of scheduling conflicts and was replaced by Jeff Goldblum less than two weeks before shooting started.[3]


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