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Ann Augusta Stowe-Gullen (1857–1943), was a Canadian medical doctor, lecturer and suffragist. She was the daughter of Emily Howard Stowe and John Fiuscia Michael Heward Stowe.

Medical Career[edit]

She is best known for being the first woman to graduate from a Canadian medical school (Faculty of Medicine at Victoria University, Toronto) in 1883. Her appeal to Dr. Barrett and other medical people led to the establishment of the Ontario Medical College for Women.

She also had a notable career teaching medical topics at the Ontario Medical College for Women. She was a member of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, a founder of the National Council of Women and a member of the Senate of the University of Toronto among important roles she carried out during her lifetime. In 1935 she was awarded the Order of the British Empire.


She was elected a trustee on the Toronto Board of Education in 1892, serving until 1896. Toronto allowed women to run for the Board of Education long before Ontario allowed this elsewhere.

Stowe-Gullen also helped her mother, Dr. Emily Stowe, establish what would later be called Women's College Hospital.

A leading figure in the suffrage movement, she succeeded her mother as president of the Dominion Women's Enfranchisement Association in 1903.

She is known for her quotation "When women have a voice in national and international affairs, wars will cease forever."

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