Augustin Neumann

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Augustin Neumann

Augustin Neumann (23 May 1879 – February 1906) was an Austrian chess master.

He tied for 3rd-5th at Vienna 1901/02 (Julius Perlis won); took 2nd, behind Leopold Loewy, Jr at Vienna 1902 (Quadrangular);[1] took 3rd at Hannover 1902 (13th DSB–Congress, Hauptturnier, Walter John won);[2] took 5th at Hilversum 1903 (Paul Leonhardt won);[3] tied for 4-5th at Vienna 1904 (Carl Schlechter won).[4]

Augustin Neumann won at Coburg 1904, after a playoff against Milan Vidmar (14th DSB–Congress, Hauptturnier A),[5] which earned him the master title of the German Chess Federation. Neumann tied for 4-6th at Barmen 1905 (B tourn, Leo Fleischmann won);[6] and tied for 7-9th at Vienna 1905 (Schlechter won).[7]

He died in a hospital, at the age of 26.[8]


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