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Auriol may refer to:


  • Didier Auriol (b. 1958), French rally driver and World Rally Champion
  • George Auriol, alias of Jean-Georges Huyot (1863–1938), French poet, songwriter, painter, graphic designer, illustrator, and type designer
  • Hubert Auriol (b. 1952), French racing driver and former director of the Paris-Dakar Rally
  • Jacqueline Auriol, née Jacqueline Douet (1917–2000), French aviator who set several world speed records
  • Peter Auriol, also known as Pierre Auriol and Petrus Aureolus (c. 1280 – 1322), medieval Franciscan theologian and philosopher
  • Vincent Auriol (1884–1966), French politician who served as first President of the Fourth Republic from 1947 to 1954