Aurora Cave

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Aurora Cave is a limestone cave, part of the Te Ana-au Caves in Fiordland, in the South Island of New Zealand on the western side of a deep glacial trough containing Lake Te Anau. Aurora Cave is separated by a sump from Te Ana-au Cave (a tourist cave). The cave has been formed by the Tunnel Burn, which drains from Lake Orbell in the Takahe valley.[1] Aurora Cave is 267 metres deep and 6 km. long.[2][3] Around 1988 a Sub Fossils of an extinct species of Frog were discovered. It was named the Aurora Frog (Leiopelma auroraensis)


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Coordinates: 45°17′43.07″S 167°41′52.39″E / 45.2952972°S 167.6978861°E / -45.2952972; 167.6978861