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Former Aurrerá Store (now Wal-Mart)

Aurrerá (word from the Basque language "aurrera" which means "forward") is a defunct grocery chain in Mexico. It started operations in 1958 in Mexico City, and folded in 2001 after being acquired by Wal-Mart.

During 2001 and 2002, the remaining Aurrerá stores became Bodega Aurrerá and Wal-Mart Supercenter stores. In addition, many products (mostly milk) are now marketed at these stores under the Aurrerá brand, similar to Wal-Mart's Great Value brand.

Pop culture[edit]

In Mexico, the Arango brothers, Jerónimo, Placido and Manuel, founded the stores Aurrera thinking in a supermarket model, with household items and clothing at cheaper prices. Aurrera in Basque means “Come on” .

  • 1958: Opens the first store Aurrera, with the branche Bolívar.
  • 1960: Begins to operate stores Superama 1960.
  • 1964: Starts operations Vips Restaurants 1964.
  • 1970: Begins Suburbia and Bodega Aurrerá operations.
  • 1976: Inaugurate First Distribution Center in Mexico (in Spanish, CEDIS).
  • 1978: Opening of restaurants El Portón (The Gate).
  • 1986: Makes the organization Grupo Cifra, for the administration of stores and restaurants in Mexico.
  • 1990: Aurrerá starts the barcode system in Mexico.
  • 1991: Walmart and Cifra makes a joint venture. Creation of the International Division of Walmart Stores and signed a partnership agreement with Cifra. Born the first Sam's Club in Mexico.
  • 1993: Began operations Walmart Supercenter. The supermarkets Aurrerá changes style and design in Walmart stores.
  • 1994: They're joined Suburbia and Vips inner the association Cifra/Walmart Distribuidora, S.A. de C.V.
  • 1997: Walmart buys most of the shares and acquiring control of the company.
  • 1999: Following the implementation of NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement]; Grupo CIFRA initiates Mexico's first duty free importation of fresh Canadian Beef from Biological Farm Management Systems (BFMS) Inc., an Alberta, CANADA export company.
  • 2000: Grupo Cifra renames figure at Walmart de Mexico.
  • 2001: Aurrera stores become Walmart Supercenters and Warehouse Aurrera.

This store has appeared in many telenovelas and Mexican films.