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Austevoll Seafood ASA
HeadquartersStorebø, Norway

Austevoll Seafood ASA is a major Norwegian seafood company.[1]

Austevoll Seafood trades publicly on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company is a majority owner of Norwegian seafood company Lerøy.[2] The company is a majority owner of Peruvian seafood company Austral.[3] In July 2010, Austevoll Seafood ASA bought Domstein ASA's shares, and became the largest shareholder. In June 2011, a merger between Austevoll Fisk AS and Norway Pelagic AS was completed to effectively integrate Austevoll's pelagic operations for human consumption, into Norway Pelagic, with compensation through a direct share placement.[4] In 2014, after several holding increase activities, Austevoll Seafood and Kvefi AS agreed to merge respective pelagic activities in Europe establishing seafood and feed company Pelagia.[5][6] Austevoll Seafood has operations in Storebø, the administrative centre and largest village in Austevoll municipality, Norway. Ole Rasmus Møgster built up Austevoll Seafood (which Ole Rasmus controlled, as a major owner and chairman of the board) with his brother Helge Møgster. They also built DOF ASA (which Helge controlled).[7] In 2008 the brothers were two of the three billionaires who were active in the Norwegian fishing industry. The third billionaire was Kjell Inge Røkke.[8]


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