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Barnardos Australia's Mother of the Year Awards is an award which aims to recognise mothers and the important role that they play in our society; highlighting key themes such as nurturing and caring. Barnardos Australia developed the Mother of the Year Awards (BAMYA) in 1994, as an opportunity to showcase the women responsible for excellent parenting within the community.

Nominations for the awards take place over a four-month period during which a campaign is undertaken in major print and electronic media. Nominators prepare a statement about "why they believe their mother is Australia's number 1 mum".

A judging panel assesses the top 100 nominations, selecting State/Territory finalists and an overall national winner. Each State/Territory Finalist is flown to Sydney for the announcement of the National Mother of the Year.

A number 1 mum is announced for every respective State/Territory, at a morning tea function, held to showcase that woman's achievements. These events attracts wide coverage from local media, culminating in a national presentation held in Sydney in May just prior to the Sunday designated as Mother's Day in Australia.

Past winners[edit]

Awarded Name Notes
2016 Keelen Mailman
2015 Leanne Robson
2014 Gloria Nascimento
2013 Hasiba Cesko
2012 Roslyn Dodson
2011 Rebecca Healy
2010 Kaye Worth
2009 Bernadette Black
2008 Heather Round
2007 Natasha Crofts
2006 Carmel Gordon
2005 Melissa Davies
2004 Maryanne Malbunka
2003 Elva Stevenson
2002 Lorraine Dewsbury
2001 Gayle McCarthy
2000 Vera Hall

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