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Logo of the Australian Property Institute.

The Australian Property Institute (API) is a professional industry body representing residential, commercial and plant and machinery valuers, analysts, fund managers and property lawyers.

The API was originally formed in 1926 as the Commonwealth Institute of Valuers. Many[who?] Australian financial institutions require property professionals who carry out mortgage valuation work to be members of the API.

The API provides certifications to its members reflecting their specific field of expertise. Such Certifications are required by some Australian States to practice in the specific field. These Certifications are:

  • CPV, Certified Practising Valuer
  • CPP, Certified Property Professional
  • CPM, Certified Property Manager
  • CFM, Certified Funds Manager
  • CPD, Certified Property Developer
  • CFacM, Certified Facilities Manager
  • CAM, Certified Asset Manager

API publications include The Australia & New Zealand Property Journal, the Professional Practice Manual and Valuation Principles and Practices.

Members of the Institute are bound by a code of ethics, rules of conduct, and professional practice standards. The API has reciprocity agreements with the following bodies

These reciprocity agreements provide API members with portable skills and qualifications allowing them to practice throughout the world.

The National Office of the Australian Property Institute is located at 6 Campion Street, Deakin, Canberra.

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