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Registered by the Australian Electoral Commission on 2 July 2013, the Australian Voice Party was formed to give a voice to families, farmers, fishermen, consumers and small business operators with a focus on political reform, a fairer and more affordable legal system, an investigation into the banking industry, majority Australian shareholding required for farm acquisition, regulatory review to stamp out unfair competition and cartels, structural reform of government to reduce operating costs to allow better social outcomes and educational funding.[1]

Candidates for 2013 Federal Election[edit]

The party had endorsed Senate candidates in the 2013 Federal Election for the following states: New South Wales, Victoria , Queensland (2) and Western Australia. The party also contested the re-run Western Australian Senate election on 5 April 2014.

Following the 2013 Federal election, the party adopted a new, more democratic constitution and elected a new leadership team led by President Jamie Cavanough (New South Wales) and National Secretary Bevan Collingwood (Queensland). All policies were also reviewed and updated on the party website.

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