Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District

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Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District
207 Redfish St.
Tivoli, Texas[2]

ESC Region 3[1]

Coordinates28°27′26″N 96°53′27″W / 28.45722°N 96.89083°W / 28.45722; -96.89083
District information
TypeIndependent school district
GradesPre-K through 12
SuperintendentDr. Antonio Aguirre, Jr.[1]
Schools2 (2009–10)[2]
District ID4809000[2]
Students and staff
Students152 (2010–11)[1]
Teachers20.12 (2009–10)[2] (on full-time equivalent (FTE) basis)
Student-teacher ratio8.00 (2009–10)[2]
Athletic conferenceUIL Class 1A Basketball Division II[3]
District mascotRedfish[4]
Colors          Red, White[4]
Other information
TEA District Accountability Rating for 2011-12Recognized [5]
WebsiteAustwell-Tivoli ISD

Austwell-Tivoli Independent School District is a public school district based in the community of Tivoli, Texas (USA). In addition to Tivoli, the district also serves the city of Austwell and rural areas in eastern Refugio County.


As of the 2010–2011 school year, the appraised valuation of property in the district was $444,677,000.[1] The maintenance tax rate was $0.104 and the bond tax rate was $0.002 per $100 of appraised valuation.[1]

Academic achievement[edit]

In 2011, the school district was rated "recognized" by the Texas Education Agency.[5] Thirty-five percent of districts in Texas in 2011 received the same rating.[6] No state accountability ratings will be given to districts in 2012.[7] A school district in Texas can receive one of four possible rankings from the Texas Education Agency: Exemplary (the highest possible ranking), Recognized, Academically Acceptable, and Academically Unacceptable (the lowest possible ranking).

Historical district TEA accountability ratings[5]

  • 2011: Recognized
  • 2010: Exemplary
  • 2009: Recognized
  • 2008: Recognized
  • 2007: Academically Acceptable
  • 2006: Academically Acceptable
  • 2005: Academically Acceptable
  • 2004: Academically Acceptable



Austwell-Tivoli High School does not participate in football, but participates (for the 2014-2016 realignment cycle) in the following sports as a member of UIL Class A:[8] basketball, cross country, tennis, track, volleyball (the latter as a girl's sport only) and golf.[9]

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