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Type of site
Web Application
Owner Tempest Systems Inc.
Created by Nathan Stretch
Slogan(s) Everyone's ideal car is out there. Find yours.
Alexa rank Positive decrease 123,726 (April 2014)[1]
Launched 2007
Current status Active

AutoTempest is an aggregator of online classified advertisements specifically for cars, that searches craigslist, eBay Motors,,, Auto Trader (Canada), and others.[2]

Created in 2007, AutoTempest started out as Hank's Helper, an offshoot of SearchTempest (Craig's Helper at the time) as a way of providing a specialized experience for all the used car shoppers visiting SearchTempest.[3] Eventually the name was changed to AutoTempest and received a major redesign in 2011 that has led to a steady increase in popularity.

AutoTempest has been featured on a number of well known sites, being touted as the best way to find used cars online. Car blogging giant Jalopnik named AutoTempest the best way to find used cars online,[4] and AutoTempest has also been featured on popular sites like WiseBread,[5] The Hooniverse[6] and's guide to used cars.[7]