Avče Pumped Storage Plant

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Coordinates: 46°5′1.89″N 13°39′59.94″E / 46.0838583°N 13.6666500°E / 46.0838583; 13.6666500 Avče Pumped Storage Plant (Slovene: Črpalna Hidroelektrarna Avče or ČHE Avče for short) is a pumped storage power plant near the village of Avče in West Slovenia. The power plant was built till June 2009 and was put to the commercial use in April 2010.[1] The main building contractor was Primorje Ajdovščina. The powerplant has been the first of its kind in Slovenia.[2]

It pumps water from a height of 105 metres (344 ft) above sea level near the village of Avče to a height of 625 metres (2,051 ft). The accumulation lake is close to the village of Kanalski vrh, it holds a little over 2 million cubic meters of water. The generator generates 185 megawatts (248,000 hp) when producing electricity and uses 180 megawatts (240,000 hp) when pumping water. The same turbine is used for pumping and generating electricity. [3]

The efficiency of the process is 77%, which means it is profitable to operate when electricity generated costs 30% more. The lake has a capacity to operate for 15 hours at full power, discharge rate is around 40 cubic meter per second. Normally it will operate from 6 to 10 hours, usually filling the lake at the end of the week.