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Avanim אבנים
Theatrical poster
Directed byRaphael Nadjari
Produced byGeoffroy Grison
Marek Rozenbaum
Itai Tamir
Noah Harlan (co)
Jean Labib (co)
Written byRaphael Nadjari
StarringAsi Levi
Danny Steg
Uri Gabriel
Music byNathaniel Méchaly
CinematographyLaurent Brunet
Edited byGodefroy Fouray
Release date
February, 2004 (Germany - Berlin Film Festival)
March 16, 2005 (France)
July 14, 2004 (Israel - Jerusalem Film Festival)
United States

Avanim is Raphael Nadjari's fourth feature film. It was shot in and around Tel Aviv in 2003, in HDCam. The film was presented in the Berlin Film Festival as a Panorama: Special presentation in 2004.


Michale is a woman in her mid-30s, married with a young son and working in her father's Tel Aviv accounting firm serving religious institutions. She divides her time between her child, her husband, her work and the man with whom she is having an affair. When Michale learns of the sudden death of her lover, her life is shattered.


  • Asi Levi (Michale)
  • Uri Gabriel (Meir)
  • Florence Bloch (Nehama Tinski)
  • Shaul Mizrahi (Gabai)
  • Danny Steg (Shmoulik)
  • Gabi Amrani-Gur (Rav Ozeri)
  • Eli Eltonyo (Gabriel)


Following its premiere as a Panorama Special presentation at the Berlin Film Festival, Avanim premiered in New York at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and was released theatrically in France later that year.

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