Avi Hasson

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Avi Hasson
אבי חסון
Avi Hasson.jpg
Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy State of Israel
In office
Jan 2011 – April 2017
PresidentReuven Rivlin
Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu
DeputyZachi Schnarch

Lydia Lazanes

Aviram Zolti
Preceded byDr. Eli Opper

Avi Hasson (Hebrew: אבי חסון) was the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy (formerly Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor[1])[2][3] of the State of Israel.


Avi Hasson holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Economics and Middle Eastern Studies, and a Master of Business Administration from Tel Aviv University. He is a graduate of the IDF's elite HAMAN-TALPIOT Program, where he served as an Intelligence Officer of the Israel Defense Forces.

Business career[edit]

Hasson held a ten-year tenure with Gemini Israel Funds, where he served as General Partner and managed investments in communications, storage and consumer electronics. Before this time, he spent a decade working for several leading telecommunications companies, such as ECI Telecom, ECtel and Tadiran Systems, where he fulfilled roles in product marketing and business development.[4]

Political career[edit]

Hasson served as Israel's chief scientist for six years, from January 2011 to April 2017.[5]


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