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Avraham is a masculine given name, the Hebrew version of Abraham. It may refer to:

Ancient world:

  • Avraham Maimuni (1186-1237), son of Maimonides and his successor as Nagid of the Egyptian Jewish community

Modern world:

  • Avraham Adan (1926-2012), Israeli major general
  • Avraham Avigdorov (1929-2012), Israeli soldier and recipient of the Hero of Israel award (today the Medal of Valor)
  • Avraham Ben-Yitzhak (1883-1950), Israeli Hebrew poet
  • Avraham Burg (born 1955), Israeli author, politician and businessman
  • Avraham Danzig (1748-1820), a Posek and codifier, author of the works of Jewish law Chayei Adam and Chochmat Adam
  • Avraham Deutsch (1889-1953), Israeli politician
  • Avraham Eilat (born 1939), Israeli artist, educator and curator
  • Avraham Even-Shoshan (1906–1984), Russian-born Israeli Hebrew linguist and lexicographer, compiler of the Even-Shoshan dictionary
  • Avraham Gombiner (c. 1635-1682), rabbi, Talmudist and religious authority in Poland
  • Avraham Granot (1890-1962), Zionist and Israeli politician, a signatory of the Israeli declaration of independence
  • Avraham Harman (1914-1992), Israeli diplomat and Hebrew University of Jerusalem president
  • Avraham Herzfeld (1891-1973), Zionist activist and Israeli politician
  • Avraham Hirschson (born 1941), Israeli former politician convicted of embezzlement
  • Avraham Katz (1931-1986), Israeli politician
  • Avraham Katznelson (1888-1956), Russian-born Zionist and politician, a signatory of the Israeli declaration of independence
  • Avraham Menchel (born 1935), Israeli former footballer
  • Avraham Neguise (born 1958), Israeli politician
  • Avraham Nudelman (1910-1985), Jewish footballer
  • Avraham Ofek (1935-1990), Israeli sculptor, muralist, painter and printmaker
  • Avraham Ofer (1922-1977), Israeli politician who committed suicide over a corruption scandal
  • Avraham Oz (born 1944), Israeli associate professor of Theatre and Hebrew and Comparative literature at the University of Haifa, translator and peace activist
  • Avraham Palman (1919-2000), Israeli footballer
  • Avraham Poraz (born 1945), Israeli lawyer and former politician
  • Avraham Ravitz (1934-2009), Israeli politician
  • Avraham Sela, Israeli historian and scholar on the Middle East and international relations
  • Avraham Shekhterman (1910-1986), Israeli politician
  • Avraham Shapira (1914-2007), Israeli rabbi, head of the Rabbinical court of Jerusalem, member and head of the Supreme Rabbinic Court and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel
  • Avraham Yosef Shapira (1921-2000), Israeli politician and businessman
  • Avraham Duber Kahana Shapiro (1870–1943), last Chief Rabbi of Lithuania
  • Avraham Shochat (born 1936), Israeli former politician, twice Minister of Finance
  • Avraham Stern (1907-1942), one of the leaders of the Jewish paramilitary organization Irgun and later founder of the breakaway Stern Gang
  • Avraham Stern (politician) (1935-1997), Israeli politician
  • Avraham Trahtman (born 1944), Russian-born Israeli mathematician
  • Avraham Yaski (1927-2014), Israeli architect
  • Avraham Yoffe (1913-1983), Israeli general during the Six-Day War and later politician
  • Avraham Yosef, Chief Rabbi of Holon, Israel, and a Sephardi representative on the Chief Rabbinate Council
  • Avraham Zilberberg (1915-1980), Israeli politician