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Avshalom, Sinai

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Avshalom (Hebrew: אבשלום‎) was an Israeli settlement in the Sinai Peninsula. Avshalom was founded in 1973, next to Sadot. It was named Merkaz Sadot (lit. Sadot Center) and later Yad On (lit. Hand of Strength). In 1979, it was renamed in honor of Avshalom Feinberg, a leader of the Nili espionage network who had died in Sinai during World War I. Avshalom was dismantled three years later as a result of the Camp David Accords. In 1990 a new community settlement by the same name was founded in Israel.


Coordinates: 31°12′46.41″N 34°12′8.46″E / 31.2128917°N 34.2023500°E / 31.2128917; 34.2023500